It feels like yesterday when our reporter Kuzo travelled deep into China for find the fabled “melt-proof ice pop” named Banana – a vanilla ice cream encased in a protective gummy sheath. However, this year Banana has come to the world (under a variety of names such as Bennana in Japan), and this October it will reach the shores of Japan.

To celebrate, Banana’s maker Nestle held a “Banana Day” event in Harajuku, Tokyo on 7 August. Yet another punny Japanese holiday on a Japanese reading of “8/7”, it involved the giving away of free monkey ears, T-shirts, and of course Bennanas.

If you happened to be one of those 100 people dressed as monkeys and eating Bennanas, you might have been surprised to find Bennana tastes nothing like a banana. It’s vanilla ice cream and a green grape flavored peelable coating.

Already released in over 20 countries, Bennana is poised to hit Japan just in time for the blazing summer heat of early October. One might assume that this late release date is a a precaution to widespread rumors in Japan that Bennana was a melt-proof popsicle when released in China last year.

Although Kuzo found that these treats do hold up to intense heat but would need to be refrozen before eating (which probably isn’t safe either). However, Nestle is making no mention of heat resistance and are promoting Bennana as a fun way to enjoy a classic frozen snack.

Source: PR Times, NariNari (Japanese)
2nd Inset Image: RocketNews24