Cosplaying has never been easier with these ready-made collared shirt socks and matching platform wedges.

Japanese footwear brand Erimaki Sox, whose shoes with collars have caught our attention a couple of times before,  first appeared on the market several years ago with a new, eye-catching type of sock styled on the traditional Japanese tabi. Ankle-high, tabi are traditionally made from a stiff type of cotton, have a separation between the big toe and the other toes, and are held in place with a series of clasps at the back of the ankle.

Erimaki Sox takes this concept and gives it a modern spin, doing away with the separated toe section and taking the back clasps to the front, replacing them with buttons to create adorable miniature business shirts for your feet.


Now the company is teaming up with anime and video game goods retailer Adworks and taking a step into the illustrated world, with some adorable sock-and-shoe sets inspired by two of the country’s most well-known characters, Conan Edogawa and Kaitou Kid from the hit manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. The collaboration marks twenty years since the popular anime series first appeared on television.

▼ Conan’s trademark white shirt and red bowtie look retails for 5,940 yen (US$52) and is perfect for dressing feet up during special occasions.


▼ And you can throw on his blue jacket with a pair of lapelled, faux-leather platform wedges for 19,980 yen.


If you prefer to channel the style of the “Phantom-Thief Kid” known as Kaitou Kid, this bright red tie and blue shirt combination (5,940 yen) is sure to turn heads.


▼ These are paired with white wedges for 19,980 yen to match the character’s caped-suit outfit.


Pre-orders are currently being taken online for the unique, limited-edition footwear ahead of the official release date in May.

Source, images: @Press