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Ladies and gentlemen, put down your smartphones, close your Nintendo DSes and power off your controllers. Even if you once thought that you were “kinda pretty good” at Tetris, you should know now that you will never, ever win.

Shared on YouTube earlier this week, the following video shows Japanese player keroco blitz through the game’s “clear mode” and send 40 lines of blocks to digital oblivion in an epic 19.68 seconds, setting a new world record in the process. Doesn’t sound so fast? Check this out.

Technically, keroco is playing on “NullpoMino” rather than the Tetris most gamers know, which is a free cross-platform clone of the classic Russian game that made Nintendo’s Gameboy handheld the household name it is (or rather was, prior to the arrival of the DS). With a variety of play modes, gamers all over the world compete on the Java-based game to get the best scores and times across game modes including classic marathon, versus battle and clear mode, the last being that which our friend keroco here tackles in the following video.

The game is simple enough–clear 40 lines as quickly as possible. But it’s the dizzying speed with which keroco manages it that left us speechless. We don’t know about you, but we can barely see the blocks appearing at the top of the screen before they’ve been slammed into position and vaporised in a line of Tetris dust.

Some can sing, some can dance, others can manipulate little blocks into rows really, really quickly. Dig out your Gameboy, kids, it’s time to get practicing.

Images via Edge OnlineEmywinchester edited by RocketNews24