Tokyo’s teamLab most visited museum in the world, officially more popular than Van Gogh

The Tokyo museum beat out big names in the art world to take the record.

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Demon Slayer breaks Spirited Away’s record, becomes number-one movie of all time in Japan

Mugen Train shows there’s no stopping the Kimetsu no Yaiba juggernaut.

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Babymetal album is Japan’s 1st to crack U.S. Billboard’s top 40 in 53 years

Kyu Sakamoto‘s Sukiyaki reached #14 in 1963; Utada ranked #69 in 2009.

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This new Tetris speed record will leave you open-mouthed 【Video】

Ladies and gentlemen, put down your smartphones, close your Nintendo DSes and power off your controllers. Even if you once thought that you were “kinda pretty good” at Tetris, you should know now that you will never, ever win.

Shared on YouTube earlier this week, the following video shows Japanese player keroco blitz through the game’s “clear mode” and send 40 lines of blocks to digital oblivion in an epic 19.68 seconds, setting a new world record in the process. Doesn’t sound so fast? Check this out.

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