Dogs have been human companions for tens of thousands of years, so it’s hardly surprising that we’re still such good buddies. After all, as cute as cats are, you’d be hard pressed to find many felines that would go to bat to protect their owners. They might keep the mice away, but they’re not likely to scare off any burglars.

Even so, some dogs just seem like better protectors than others. Corgis, for example, are apparently great alarm dogs. Though if you’re counting on your corgi to protect you, this video may give you second thoughts…

The Japanese title of this YouTube video, “Corgi protects my wife. But even when she’s angry, she still shakes hands,” tells you everything you need to know about this little cutie. Like many of us in life, Chiro’s bark is bigger than her bite–but at least she’s trying, right? And, as the YouTuber Man Taketyan notes, if you listen carefully it almost sounds like she’s talking!

Chiro has become a bit of a star on the Internet thanks to her antics–the video above has already garnered over one million views. But the pièce de résistance of Chiro videos is this “butt-wiggling” video…which is perfectly self-explanatory! Also note that the English title of the video is the excellent, though slightly mistranslated, “Dance of Cute Ass Corgi.”

▼Though, honestly, that is one cute-ass corgi!

While Chiro obviously loves having balls thrown for her, she does know how to keep herself entertained. For example, here’s the adorable corgi playing by herself with a rubber band.

▼Or maybe she’s roleplaying as a rabbit?

If that’s not enough corgi cuteness for you–and trust us, you can never get enough corgi cuteness–here’s Chiro trying to figure out what strange noise is coming out of a guitar.

Our final video may not be entirely safe for work–unless your boss doesn’t mind you watching stripteases. Here’s Chiro taking off her “diaper” with a sexy little dance!

▼Like Miley Cyrus…but with talent! (Butt talent?)

For more cute corgi videos, be sure to check out Man Taketyan’s YouTube channel. You can also follow Chiro and her owner on Twitter and get adorable photos of the big-eared dog beamed straight into your eyeballs on a regular basis! Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

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Images: YouTube