We all have our expectations of the opposite sex, the ideal of how we would like them to be.  Even though we can’t say it to their faces, in our hearts, we know that a man/woman should be able to be or do this or that precisely because he/she is a man/woman.

With that in mind, Otomesugorn surveyed their female readers to find out their expectations of men, of what is naturally expected of them, by their women.  All the young women who were asked what they naturally expected of their male counterparts were in their 20’s.  Here are their expectations, one through nine, and the comments they gave about them.

【1】He should be able to hook up TVs and PCs without any problem.
” Men are strong at the technical stuff, right?” To many women, men are naturally inclined to know the details of mechanical things.  If he can’t help out in this area then she is sure to be disappointed.  Young men can brush up on their TV and PC hook up skills before they end up disappointing a woman they want to impress.

【2】He should be able to drive a motor bike or a car smoothly.
“I want to go out on a date in his car”  The ideal date includes driving somewhere.  If he can drive, then there is a wider range of  possibilities to choose from of places to go.  Planning a trip is fun!  If a guy doesn’t have the confidence it takes to drive his girl on a date then he better bring his driving skills up to par so that she will be able to sit next to him in comfort and enjoy the drive they will be inevitably taking.

【3】He should be able to go after bugs, like cockroaches, fearlessly.
“I know I can depend on a guy who gets rid of bugs for me.” Going after bugs is a great opportunity to show off your manliness.  If you show fear at getting rid of a bug for your girl, then unfortunately your value as a man will go down, you will end up losing points, which your girl will be diligently keeping, for and against you.  If you absolutely can’t bear to get rid of the bug then at least refrain from screaming over it.

【4】He should be good at putting furniture together.
“This is a prerequisite for a good husband, wouldn’t you say?”  Many women seem to feel this way.  There may not be many chances to show your hand at this, but it may be a good skill to have.   You can start by getting a set of tools which you can practice with by putting together something simple like a bookcase for starters.  This puts you on the right track for being admired for your skill, later on.

【5】He should be able to open stuck jar lids with no difficulty
“Even if he looks delicate I want him to be able to open the stuck jar lid”  A good chance to show strength for any kind of guy.  If he just can’t get it open he should learn tips to loosen the lid by heating it, so that even if he doesn’t have the strength to pry it off, the lid will come off.

【6】He can read a map and get to a destination without getting lost
“I can’t read maps so I depend on guys to read them for me.”  For a woman who can’t read maps getting to a first time destination means depending on a man who can.  If the man she is depending on gets them lost then she is likely to become anxious.  If you are a man who is not good with directions then it would probably pay off to check out the destination of your date before hand.

【7】He pretends I am a princess
“If he is my boyfriend, then at least once, I’d like him to treat me like a princess! (Laugh)”  It seems that many young women have this desire to be treated like a princess by the person they like.  However, if it comes across that you are doing it begrudgingly then you could hurt her feelings so you shouldn’t force yourself to play princess.

【8】He should be able to un-cork wine and champagne smartly
“If he is an adult man he should at least look like he knows what he’s doing.”  Being able to do this is expected of adult men.  It doesn’t take that much strength and it isn’t difficult if you get used to it.  It would be good to practice at home before you are expected to open wine or champagne with your girl.

【9】He can start-up the BBQ grill on his own
“Isn’t the great outdoors the place for men to strut their stuff?”  More than a few women expect men to work when playing outdoors.  Once you learn the basic techniques of BBQ-ing outdoors, it is something you can use time and time again.  He is sure to have male friends who love the outdoors who can teach him how to cook outdoors.

So there you have it!  Someone dependable to do the things that guys are supposed to be naturally good at.  Number four said it all: “prerequisite for a good husband”.  Whether it be putting furniture together or pulling a cork, (or playing prince!), it looks like the women who replied to this survey might be in search of good husbands!  Hope they find what they are looking for!

Source: Yahoo! Japan