Never hold your own smartphone or drink again!

Are you constantly plagued with a sore neck from looking down at your smart phone? Do you often wish you had more hands to hold things? Or do you hate holding things in general?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Japanese gag gift and novelties shop Village Vanguard has the product for you! Their Hito wo Dame ni Suru Arm Cushion (or “Arm Cushion That’ll Ruin People”, ostensibly through laziness) is exactly what you need. It’s a multipurpose cushion with two hands that can not only hold things for you, but comfort you as well.

Made of Urethane foam and aluminum and covered in a case of cotton and polyester, the whole cushion is flexible, meaning you can bend it every which way you want to make it work for you. The fingers are even adjustable; you can close them around a drink, a bowl of snacks, or your phone safely and securely, leaving you free to use your hands for other important things, like eating your snacks and browsing on your smart phone.

Want to watch a movie on your tablet, but don’t want to hold it? The Hito wo Dame ni Suru Arm Cushion will hold it for you, and you can adjust the rest of the cushion to achieve the perfect viewing angle! No more trying to find a comfortable way to sit while looking at your device. No more numb arms or aching neck. This cushion is a life-saver!

But the uses of the Hito wo Dame ni Suru Arm Cushion extend far beyond just holding things for you. In fact, it can act as an actual pillow, too. Since you can bend it every which way you like, it would probably be the best airplane pillow ever, and since the cushion is shaped like hands, you can pretend someone you love is holding you if you’re an anxious traveler.

▼ Maybe you can even hold one of the hands for comfort.

If you need to really concentrate and block out the world, you can also use its hands as blinders, and when you get sleepy from working too hard, you can fold them into a fist to cover your eyes and take a nap.

You could probably even wrap it around yourself when you need a hug! In today’s socially distant world, that’s indispensable. You can preorder the Hito wo Dame ni Suru Arm Cushion on Village Vanguard’s online shop for only 3,480 yen (US$31.89). Is the extra pair of comforting hands worth that price? Absolutely. And while you’re at it, you might as well get some tentacle plushies to keep you company, too.

Source, images: PR Times
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