In the world of fast food, it often seems like the name of the game is “innovate or die.” Though you’d think that two buns, lettuce, tomato, onions, and a hamburger patty would be enough, McDonald’s Japan introduces new sandwiches faster than we can count them.

In fact, next Friday, the fast food chain will release a new sandwich called the “McToast.” But wait a second, look at that picture. Isn’t it just two inverted buns, cheese, and ham? And, hey, doesn’t it look kind of…familiar?

Yes, it does! It turns out the Japanese “McToast” seems to be the exact same thing as the French “Le Croque McDo,” which gained quite a few fans in Europe. But let’s back up a moment and take a look at what, exactly, this sandwich is made of.

▼ By this point, all McDonald’s kind of look the same to us.


Isn’t this just a couple of inverted buns?


Wait, wait, there’s more! Yes, the sandwich is basically two inverted buns with roasted ham and cheese pressed in the middle. But the buns are also toasted and the sandwich is pressed together–kind of like a really lazy panini made with hamburger buns.

▼ The real thing never looks as good as the picture, though, does it?


So, this is the same as the French sandwich?

Well, the Japanese McToast hasn’t been released yet, so we can’t say 100% for sure until we can put the hot, steaming mess in our mouths…but it certainly looks the same. The pictures on the marketing material released so far look almost identical, so you probably wouldn’t be wrong thinking they’re the same.

▼ Well, hey, how tasty would you look with your skin torn off?


What’s it going to taste like?

As you probably know, while the English side of RocketNews24 focuses mainly on Japan and Asia, the Japanese side has a slightly wider reach. With our numerous highly skilled and incredibly attractive Japanese writers out and about in the world, we’ve already taste-tested the McToast–in France!

And how was it? Pretty good. The sandwich was denser than we’d initially expected, so even though it was fairly thin, it was still filling. At the same time, the cheese and the ham were good together, as cheese and ham tend to be. Finally, even though the bread was basically just hamburger buns, it had a toasted aroma that enhanced the whole thing perfectly.

▼ It looks so gross…and yet I want it so badly!


Sure to get fans in Japan

With all the cheese slapped in there, the sandwich actually has more volume than it lets on. Combine that with the great taste (for a McDonald’s sandwich) and we can see this really taking off over here. Even if it is nothing more than cheese and ham pressed between two inverted buns.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go wait in line for the McToast to be released. But you can stick around and check out some more photos and videos below.

▼ All part of a balanced meal!


▼ The best food in France? Probably not.
But sometimes you just really want a McDonald’s sandwich!


▼ Mmmmm…toasted buns!


Finally, you can check out our official RocketNews24 Le Croque McDo/McToast unwrapping video below!

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