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We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s something a little bit different about one of this year’s Miss Geidai Contest entrants. No, not the blonde girl on the end or the one who looks a bit like Calista Flockhart; the one from Team D. It could be the hair, it could be the raw meat wrapped around her head, but something about this entrant really catches our eye…

Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku, or Tokyo University of the Arts, is currently holding a contest that combines fashion, art and music. Focusing not just on physical beauty but on the very concept of beauty itself, students from various schools of study must form teams of three in order to compete, combining the talents of a model, a musician and an artist. These teams must then put on an original show, with the overall winner declared Miss Geidai 2013.

The final six teams’ models all look as stylish and pretty as you’d expect for a contest of this kind, with fashionably styled hair, subtle makeup, and all wearing confident and sophisticated expressions in their head-shot photos. That is, of course, all apart from Team D’s representative.

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Wearing what appears to be various cuts of pork covered in Saran Wrap and looking something like a cross between Lady Gaga and a creature from Silent Hill, this is Bavarois, Team D’s model representative. It’s also the thing that will no doubt be chasing you down a dark corridor in your nightmares tonight.

▼ Team D’s model, Bavarois.

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We’re fairly certain there’s a regular, human male under that strategically positioned meat, but we’re hesitant to go on the record and say for sure. Bavarois certainly has style, and we’d never go so far as to argue that bacon and chunks of hamburger could never be considered beautiful, but this is without a doubt the most disturbing thing we’ve seen all week, and we live on the internet.

▼ Bavarois’s music and art supervisors, too, are a little unusual.

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Nevertheless, credit has to go to the organisers of the contest for allowing Team D to participate, least not for slipping them in seemingly without even a hint of irony on the contest’s official website. Although Team D legitimately won the right to run for the title of Miss Geidai 2013 after receiving enough retweets from fans, we’re fairly sure some of the other teams’ members are far from pleased about appearing alongside a man with bits of pork taped to his head and crotch…

Source: Miss Geidai 2013 via Netorabo