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Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” and it’s no wonder! Dog-owners spend so much time tethered to their pups: walking, eating, and sometimes sleeping together. It’s so calming to stare into those big, soulful eyes, filled to the brim with undying affection and emotional character.

But did you know that admiring the magnificence of their tail-ends can also leave one feeling refreshed? One of Japan’s Twitter users at least thinks her pup’s posterior has a lot to offer the world and recently decided to share…

Twitter user Kazue loves to post pictures of Hana-chan, their pet shiba inu. This particular breed of dog is native to Japan and has long been characterized as bold, good-natured, and altogether dignified in spite of its diminutive size. Perhaps this respectable aura of dignity explains why Kazue posted a picture of Hana-chan’s behind together with the following commentary:

“I printed out this shiba butt and stuck it on the wall of my room. All of my worries have since melted away.”

The sheer majesty of this pup’s back end dwarfs many of the tiny troubles we encounter in our daily lives. From the perspective of a fresh poop, just look at the way that butt towers high into the blue skies. How is it that something can be both so adorable and so veritably grand?

In case you think I’m kidding, here are some Tweets responding to the photo:

“What a beautiful butt picture! I feel so refreshed!”
“Standing against this lovely sky, this is a masterpiece.”
“This butt is too cuuute~!”
“Peering up at the bright, blue sky, and there you see…butt.”
“What a lovely vantage point!”
“I’m truly touched!”
“Nice shiba butt.”

Call it idiotic if you will, but something about our fluffy friend’s hairy hindquarters has brought joy and smiles to many. So, the next time you’re feeling down or overwhelmed by your daily duties, try gazing upon the glory of a dog’s derriere for a fine sense of refreshment!

Photos: 6520hnah on Twitter

▼ Here are a few pictures of Hana-chan, our shiba inu pal, from the front.

dog butt01

dog butt02

dog butt03

▼ Although, this is arguably the dog’s best side.

dog butt04
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