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Japan is no stranger to typhoons. Every year, the island nation is battered by howling winds and torrential rain. This year 28 typhoons have made their way to Japan, but it was the 26th that had a particularly disastrous impact on apple farmers in Nagano prefecture. With their crops partially destroyed and most of their fruit unable to be sold in stores due to scratches and imperfections, the clever farmers took to the internet. Their crops are now being sold at online retailer, Oisix, as “typhoon apples.” And believe it or not, many people are actually buying the flawed fruit.

According to the Oisix website, the damage caused by the typhoon was devastating. Trees that had been growing for 20 years were destroyed. Nearly one ton of fruit was shaken from branches and had to be thrown away. Many of the apples that remained on the trees were damaged by the strong winds and rain.

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Oisix began accepting orders for the typhoon-tousled Fuji apples on October 24 for delivery in late November. A 1-kilogram box (3 to 7 apples) is being sold for 950 yen (US$9.70) and a larger 3-kilogram box (6 to 13 apples) costs 2,480 yen ($25.34); that’s 30 percent off the original prices.

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Many Japanese citizens have been placing orders in support of the Nagano farmers and their damaged crops. Here are a few messages from people who have purchased typhoon apples:

It’s extremely unfortunate this happened so close to harvesting time. I placed my order in anticipation that the scratches and imperfections won’t take away from the taste. Farmers, please keep fighting! We’re rooting for you!

I think the information about the typhoon that we see on the news is only a fraction of its real effects. This situation is probably tougher than I can even imagine, but please keep fighting! I’m looking forward to my typhoon apples!

My family loves Nagano apples. They are so crisp, juicy and sweet! Since they are grown with such care, we know the taste won’t change. We are excited to receive our apples!

It’s heartwarming to see the outpouring of support for Nagano’s apple farmers. Even though Japan’s 26th typhoon destroyed many crops, it couldn’t destroy the kindness and loyalty of the local people.

Source: IT Media
Images: Oisix, Ringotei