CocaCola Ginger Ale

Coca Cola’s newest soda “Hot Ginger Ale” hit Japanese vending machines on October 21 and we have an official RocketNews24 tasting review for anyone not daring enough to take on the hot, fizzy drink. So before you shell out 120 yen (US$1.20), take a look at what our expert vending machine beverage team has to say.

“Hot Ginger Ale” from Coca Cola

Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale is the new and quite literally hot thing in vending machines this autumn in Japan. But this product did not come about easily. As many of you will no doubt know, heat can kill carbonation. So the company set out on a four-year journey to create a soda that could be enjoyed warm.

2013.10.28 coke gingerale

Warm, but fizzy

So of course, we had to buy a can of the much talked about drink. It was indeed warm to the touch, just like many other canned drinks from Japanese vending machines. And opening it up made the same “pop” you are used to from soda. We poured our hot ginger ale into a glass and it fizzed up just the same as a cold drink. So far, so good.

2013.10.28 CocaCola Ginger Ale pour

Candy-like taste

Before even actually tasting the ginger ale, the most surprising thing was just how fizzy this drink was. It seemed like the carbonation was even stronger than cold ginger ale.

After the first swig, the sweetness and ginger taste came like a punch to the throat. This was an entirely new sensation. The drink tasted like a fizzy hard candy.

2013.10.28 CocaCola Ginger Ale shot

A perfect drink to warm you up

After finishing our hot ginger ale, we felt the warmth move all around our body. This was certainly not something you would get some regular old cold ginger ale. This would probably be great for someone feeling a little under the weather during the cold winter months as it’s so sweet, warm and soothing.

The only downside to this drink is that the bubbles do not last very long. So unless you want to drink warmed-up sweet ginger water, we recommend drinking your hot ginger pretty soon after you open it!

Photos: RocketNews24

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