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Although pandas originally come from Japan’s neighbors to the east, the country has welcomed the cuddly creatures with open arms, putting them on anything from clothing to cars. But we’re most impressed by the panda’s ability to assimilate into Japanese food, taking over our meals and turning them into an adorable experience. Let’s take a look at 15 delicious pandas from Japan.

▼ Napoli Panda Burgers from Lotteria (only available at the Ueno Park store)

Lotteria Panda Burger

▼ They come in a cute panda wrapper

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.23.15 PMImage: Tabelog

▼ And an even cuter panda box

Lotteria Panda Burger BoxImages: Lotteria

▼ Or how about some panda pan (pan means bread in Japanese)

Panda pan2Image: Tabelog

▼ So.

Panda pan 3Image: Coco Diary

▼ Much.

SONY DSCImage: Baking Diary

▼ Panda pan.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.40.31 PMImage: Tabelog

▼ You can even make panda rice balls at home thanks to handy panda molds from Amazon Japan.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.59.05 AM
Panda Onigiri2Images: Amazon

▼  Okay, back to the panda pan. From Andersen Bakery in Ueno Station.

Panda BreadImages: Suwarofu Ski

▼ Although this bread is probably very wholesome, the words printed on the side refer to the name of the bakery in Ueno Park that makes it.

Panda PanImage: Tabelog

▼ Okay, no more bread. On to ice cream.

Panda ice creamImage: gnavi

▼ Homemade rice flour dumplings in fruit punch.

PandaImage: Utu Mama

▼ Japanese confectionary made with sweet bean paste.

panda pandaImage: Panda Menu

▼ Special panda lunch special at Green Salon in Ueno. The set comes with panda curry, latte, and cookies.

Panda Lunch SpecialImages: Suwarofu Ski

▼ From the food court at Adventure World in Wakayama Prefecture.

Panda CurryImage: Tabelog 

▼ These little fluffy pandas are from Cozy Corner bakery.

Panda Cream CakesImage: Tabelog

▼ And top off your panda meal with a delicious panda latte.