Black Hair

Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students with non-black hair to dye it, official promises

Pledge comes in the wake of 2.2 million-yen lawsuit from naturally brown-haired schoolgirl in Osaka.

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Shocking new poll reveals that Japanese women love guys with black hair

Here at RocketNews24, we strive to bring you the kind of news that really matters. The worst presents women have ever received; the kind of career you need to drive Japanese women crazy; the things Japanese women find weird about their foreign husbands… Now, you might not think this kind of stuff is actually so important–but don’t come complaining to us when you can’t keep a girlfriend because you choose an unsexy career path or sent your secret crush a box of tissues as a gift. (Seriously, tissues?)

So pay attention, fellas, because we’ve got more breaking news for you: Apparently, Japanese women love guys with black hair.

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