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We’re quite aware that Hello Kitty, the most famous feline in the world, has turned herself into some pretty exclusive high-end products in the past, like a limited edition pink car or even a jewel-studded platinum doll complete with a one carat diamond on her signature ribbon worth approximately US$150,000. But now, it looks like Ms. Kitty’s latest collaborative effort is about to top all of that!

Come January of next year, Hello Kitty will be transforming herself into a collection of jewelry from Japanese luxury jeweler Mikimoto, including a particularly striking multi-strand pearl necklace with her instantly recognizable face and ribbon incorporated into part of the design.

▼The 18K white gold necklace with gorgeous Akoya pearls, rubies, onyx and diamonds

Kitty x Mikimoto necklace(c) ’76, ’13 SANRIO

As adorable as you may find the necklace, though, this item probably won’t be finding its way onto too many shopping lists — because of its 29,085,000 yen (approx. US$290,000) price tag! Well, it’s still lovely to look at, isn’t it?

According to the press release from Mikimoto, the collection will be sold at select Mikimoto shops, starting with the main Ginza store from January 30 next year. There are expected to be about 20 items in the collection, such as the cute silver bangle below, which at 57,750 yen (approx. $550) is by no means a bargain but still, shall we say, considerably more affordable than the pearl necklace. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more pieces soon when Mikimoto opens their official “Mikimoto x Hello Kitty” website, which should happen on November 26.

Kitty x Mikimoto bangle(c) ’76, ’13 SANRIO

And for those of you abroad, although they haven’t announced exact locations, the collection is also scheduled to be sold at stores outside of Japan. But if you simply can’t wait a moment longer than necessary to see the beautiful pieces of Hello Kitty jewelry, the collection will be first shown to the public at the fashionable concept shop colette in Paris, France on January 24.

Well, we all know that you’re a star, Hello Kitty, but this time, you’ll literally be shining bright, won’t you? We’ll try not to be blinded by your bejeweled splendor!

Source: Nikkei Press Release (Japanese) via ITmedia Inc. (Japanese)
Photos: Nikkei Press Release