Plus…new pairings have been announced!

It’s here! The dream kawaii collaboration between Sailor Moon and Sanrio is finally here! Way back in January they teased us with a few concept images that paired up a Sailor Scout with a Sanrio character similar in style or personality, but they hadn’t announced how these new pairings would be used–until now! The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal x Sanrio Characters line will be composed of almost a dozen different collectible accessories.

The line, which is part of the celebration of Sailor Moon’s 30th Anniversary, features the Sailor Scouts and their partners dressed in their Super Scout uniforms from the Sailor Moon Eternal movie, which came out last year. While the Sanrio characters are wearing outfits to match their Scout, the Sailor Scouts are designed like their Sanrio character sidekick, down to their defining features and accessories.

The pairings are:
● Super Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty
● Super Sailor Chibi Moon and My Melody
● Super Sailor Mercury and Cinnamoroll
● Super Sailor Mars and Kuromi
● Super Sailor Jupiter and Marron Cream
● Super Sailor Venus and Pom Pom Purin

And of course, the cats of Sailor Moon also appear with their respective master and sidekick: Luna with Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty, Artemis with Sailor Venus and Pom Pom Purin, and Diana with Sailor Chibi Moon and My Melody.

The first round of goods comes out on August 18 and includes a wide variety of accessories like plush keychains, acrylic keychains, acrylic standees, charms, different kinds of zippered pouches, accessory stands, clear files, and pens.

They’ll be joined on October 27 by some really cool vanity and decorative goods, including a Super Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty room light (6,930 yen [US$51.45]) and a Super Sailor Mini Moon and My Melody jewelry tray with a mirror (5,940 yen). Both of these have a large transformation brooch as their main feature, so decorating your room with them is sure to bring you back to your childhood.

Of course, there aren’t just six Sailor Scouts–there are ten of them! With the announcement of the products came an unveiling of four more pairings featuring the outer Sailor Scouts:
● Super Sailor Uranus with Little Twin Stars Kiki

● Super Sailor Neptune with Little Twin Stars Lala
● Super Sailor Pluto with Pochacco
● Super Sailor Saturn with My Sweet Piano

These newly revealed pairs are going to come in the form of originally-designed acrylic standees, and they’re so cute! Lala and Kiki’s hair colors were changed to match Neptune’s and Uranus’, and Pluto and Saturn were given ears to match Pochacco and My Sweet Piano. They’re so adorable we just can’t stand it.

Among the standee designs, there will also be a secret design they aren’t announcing…what could it be? We can only look forward to finding out when the goods are released!

When August 18 and October 27 roll around, you’ll be able to find these items at all Sanrio Shops around the country, as well as department stores where Sanrio goods are sold and the Sanrio Online Shop. Make sure you mark your calendars because these adorable products are sure to sell out fast!

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Source, images: Press release
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