Can’t travel to taste McDonald’s in other countries? Don’t worry, their menus will come to you!

Despite the closures and shutdowns of the past few months, McDonald’s Japan has been hard at work providing us with tasty morsels to keep our spirits up. They released the Ramune milkshake, the creamy corn dipping sauce, the green tea dessert drinks…but no burgers since the Samurai Mac burgers back in early April! What gives?

Don’t worry though, they’re on it. In fact, they’re letting us know that they’re here for us in these difficult times. They know that international travel is still not recommended, so they’ve decided to bring the world’s different cuisines to Japan so you don’t have to travel.

Well, McDonald’s world cuisine, anyway.

Starting on June 24, McDonald’s Japan is releasing a new line of beef burgers featuring popular concoctions from their international menus. Even though the fast food chain has produced plenty of tasty burger varieties in Japan, they wanted to showcase some of their best sandwiches outside of Japan, and so they began the “Massing of Beef Burgers from McDonald’s Around the World” campaign.

The first round will include burgers from the McDonald’s menus of Japan, Canada, and the U.K. Japan’s Karubi Mac (420 yen [US$3.92]) is the only one of the sandwiches that isn’t completely new to to McDonald’s Japan. With its beef on beef combo, though, it’s the best choice for meat lovers. The thin-sliced karubi beef is marinated in McDonald’s Japan’s special sauce, and is paired simply with a beef patty, crisp lettuce, and a sweet lemon sauce, all on a sesame bun.

Canada’s Mighty Beef Original (490 yen) is based on the Mighty Angus Original previously sold at Canadian McDonald’s restaurants, and its juicy, 100-percent-beef patty is sandwiched in a toasted sesame bun with fresh lettuce and tomato, cheddar cheese, and a special smokey, garlicky black pepper sauce. The kicker for this particular burger, however, is the chopped bacon bits. They provide a new texture to the usual McDonald’s burger that’s sure to become a favorite.

The Smokey Barbecue Burger (490 yen) is based on the U.K’s Barbecue Smokehouse Burger. It’s topped with smoked bacon, crunchy lettuce and onions, cheddar cheese, and a barbecue ketchup sauce, all on a fluffy steamed bun. The mild barbecue sauce includes 10 different spices for a real smokey, flavorful bite.

These burgers will all be on sale starting on June 24, and will all be available until the end of August at the latest. So if you want some beefy McDonald’s goodness, don’t wait!

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Images: McDonald’s

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