Cute Japanese girls blowing on your cup of joe? If that’s your thing, this website should be relevant to your interests!

If you’re a fan of Japanese media like manga and anime, you’ll be familiar with certain “romantic setpieces” which regularly crop up, like the famous “kabe-don” (wall pound) and the more niche “ago-kui” (chin lift) and “sode-kuru” (sleeve tuck). Basically, cute little scenes that take place between couples with such regularity they’ve practically become memes.

Another example would be a cute girl blowing on a guy’s hot coffee to cool it down. The combination of kindness and implied intimacy in the act is something that translates as “totally adorable”, and now that act has been immortalized in a photography project that’s been launched online.

“Fuu-Fuu” (an onomatopoeic word for the sound of blowing air between one’s lips) is the name of the website and its accompanying Facebook page, which has as its sole content a wide collection of photos of cute girls blowing on hot coffee.

The website is the work of photographer Keisuke Inoue and designer Sakas Hayasaka, and is the culmination of six months of photo shooting, followed by three months of design and website coding. The project is ongoing, with plans to keep adding to the roster of photographs.

The creators are also actively seeking models to work on the project, in case you or anyone you know are interested in blowing on some hot coffee!

Source: Kai-You
Images via Facebook/fuufuu2016