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Relationships are something that have to be worked at rather than simply hoping will go well and complaining about when they’re not everything we dreamed. That honeymoon period where you’re first getting to know your partner and learning one another’s little quirks is fun and exciting alright, but it eventually ends and before you know it you’re having to think about things like whose turn it is to hang out the laundry or clean the sink.

One thing that really puts relationships to the test is whether two people can stomach one another’s little habits and quirks. Sharing your home means letting your partner see you at your most natural, rather than just freshly showered, shaved and looking good for dates. Farting in your sleep, trimming your toenails, popping off to the bathroom for a number two; these things all have to be done and there’s no way of hiding them forever. But there are certain behaviours that we all really ought to get in check before signing a lease on an apartment or agreeing to cohabit, as exhibited by the following three tales from gentlemen (and we use the term loosely) in Japan…

Today, we take a look at three short accounts from Japanese males in which they describe their own personal vices and habits that, well, let’s just say wouldn’t go down especially well when sharing a home with another person. Read and learn, fellas.

  • Smells fine, not a problem!


Back when I was a teenager with more video games than friends, I’d happily make a single change of underwear last three or four days. “What’s the big deal?” I thought to myself at the end of each day, “They’re still perfectly clean!” Thankfully, I’ve grown out of that gross little habit and my wife can attest to my love of a fresh, clean pair of pants (I’m from the UK, we call ’em pants) every day, especially if it’s winter and they’ve spent a couple of minutes on the radiator getting toasty.

It turns out that not all of us grow out of that gross teenage way of thinking, though…

“I never really thought anything of it, but the girl I started living with was horrified to learn that I’d wear the same pyjamas for half a year at a time before washing them,” said one man in his 20s. “‘It’s not like they smell; I can still wear them just fine’ I said.”

Six months! One can only hope that doesn’t include the hot and humid rainy season during which pretty much everything from clothing to food scraps starts to come to life if left alone for long enough…

  • One’s for washing in, the other’s for peeing in

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They say that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who pee in the shower, and dirty, filthy liars. Whether that’s true or not, the following gentleman most definitely belongs in the former category, and his wife was apparently not amused when she found out that he liked to combine a scrub with a tinkle.

“One time when I was peeing in the shower, my wife noticed. She totally flipped out, saying, ‘I can’t believe you do that!’ and flew into a rage. She ended up going back to her parents’ house because of it. I really don’t see the problem–it’s not like I’m going number two down the plughole, and the pee gets washed clean away!”

Granted, when it’s your own pee it’s no problem. But someone else’s? Yup, that’s nasty.

  • Some collections are good, others not so much

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This last tale of incredible laziness and poor hygiene is, hopefully, one that we don’t have to warn any of our readers not to try at home, whether you live alone or not.

“Back when I was a student, I lived in this cheap dorm where the shared bathroom was all the way downstairs,” says one man who is now in his 40s. “In winter, it was so cold and I really couldn’t be bothered leaving my room to relieve myself. Well, I used to build up a collection of those isshoubin (1.8 litre) bottles in my room… One day when a friend of mine came over, he saw my collection and said: ‘Oh, you’ve got booze!?’ I very nearly lost a good friend that day LOL.”

Yeah, we’d say that’s a sure-fire way to ensure you live alone forever. <shudder>

If you have a cohabiting horror story of your own, feel free to share it in the comments section below!

Source: News Post Seven (Japanese)
Images: RocketNews24, Allen O’Leary, Green Optimistic