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Despite being some of the most iconic anime villains ever, we’re still not sure how to feel about the monsters of Attack on Titan. On the one hand, they’re giants hell-bent on eating the tasty humans hiding behind the walls of their cities. On the other hand, there’s something unmistakably, well, goofy about them. Many of them have baby-like proportions and dorky haircuts. Quite often, they shuffle around listlessly, almost as if they can’t be bothered to chase after their terrified snacks. They have no concept of pants.

Somehow, the Titans have ended up with a sort of twisted charm that makes us unsure whether we’d rather fight them or keep them as pets. Luckily, with the new Attack on Titan smartphone game, you can do both!

Seeing as how this is the very first official Attack on Titan game for smartphones, we would have expected developer DeNA to go with the obvious choice: letting the player tap the screen to zip around the human city using the heroes’ 3-D maneuver gear, fight off the Titans, and win praise and adoration from the townspeople.

Well, that’s sort of what the game is. The focus is on resource management, not directly-controlled action. And while the player does spend some time defending his town from monster attacks, the other half of the game is spent sending your own personal army of Titans out to crush the homes of your enemies.

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Players take the role of an exile from the human city. Forced to live in the dangerous lands outside its protective walls, the player has to gather resources and create a new town, while using artillery to protect the settlement from the rampaging Titans who periodically appear.

It seems that scouring the surrounding countryside for resources is an option, but the quickest way to get supplies for your citizens is by attacking another town. And how do you do that? By releasing Titans, who will automatically run amok and cause chaos after you drop them into a city that belongs to another player.

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The game rewards successful warlords by giving them access to an increasingly powerful stable of Titans based off those which appear in the smash hit manga and anime. Unfortunately, they can only be sent out into combat once, so don’t expect any Pokemon-style rearing activities where the creatures smile and frolic where you reward them for a job well done by giving them a handful of children to munch on.

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The game, titled Attack on Titan – The Roar Towards Freedom, features a new character, fellow exile Fereta, who hands out explanations and hints during the in-game tutorial. Regular human members of Attack on Titan’s human cast show up in promotional artwork, but it’s unsure how large of a role, if any, they play in the actual game.

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It may not be the visceral action-packed experience we were expecting, but we’re honestly intrigued by what could be most succinctly described as Sim Titan. Attack on Titan – The Roar Towards Freedom is available for download right now right here.

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