Port comes with trophy support, static custom theme.

Square Enix announced at the PlayStation Experience event on Saturday that its PlayStation 4 port of its Final Fantasy VII game is available now on the PlayStation Store. The game retails for US$15.99 (but is available at a discount until December 12), and comes with trophy support.

Those who purchase the PS4 port will receive a static custom Final Fantasy VII Remake theme.

The PS4 port was originally slated for this spring. In June, the game was briefly listed as being available in October, but Square Enix then updated the release date to read “Winter 2015.”

The version is an update of the earlier PC re-release, which itself is a port of the original PlayStation version. Square Enix released an iOS port in August.

The original game and its various ports have sold more than 11 million copies physically and digitally worldwide.

Square Enix is also remaking Final Fantasy VII for the PS4. Tetsuya Nomura is returning to direct the game, and Kazushige Nojima is also returning to writing the scenario. Square Enix showed some of the remake’s first gameplay footage at PlayStation Experience on Saturday.

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