Too short to reach the grab handles? This trick ensures your little ones will always be safe and steady on public transport.

Parents sometimes have a tough time trying to keep their young children close while still entertaining them on trains. Shinkansen riders might not have as many problems, but those on regular trains have to come up with creative ways to keep kids safe and happy.

Japanese netizen and marketing employee @motaro seems to have found a simple solution in the form of a train handle attached to his belt. Adjusted to the perfect height for his four-year old son, it serves as a tug toy that is both practical and cool.

▼ Now the wee lad has something to do on trains!

▼ The usual grab handles on trains are way too high up and not kid-friendly at all.

In a world where everything is either too high or too far for children to grab, @motaro’s idea lets children experience what it is like to ride a train like everyone else in a really safe manner. What’s more, the handle can also be used outdoors for a whole lot of fun.

▼ He decided to gift some train handles to followers.
(Translation below)

“Here’s a campaign to celebrate 10,000 likes! I will send train handles to three people by lottery. Just leave a comment on this tweet or the original one to enter the draw. The deadline is the afternoon of 31 January.”

Japanese netizens found his creativity astounding:

“That is so clever!”
“Now children can feel safe on public transport.”
“When I become a father, I’ll do this, too.”
“That sure looks fun.”
“It’s so cute!”

▼ One commenter pointed out that a more refined version
of @motaro’s concept already exists on the market.

Consisting of a maple wood ring and a leather strap, the “Cowacca” grab handle featured in the tweet above can be attached to belts or bags and is able to withstand weights of up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds).

▼ It costs a whopping 3,996 yen (US$36) though.

But if price is not much of a concern, then interested individuals can check out the Cowacca handle here.

With a simple yet effective idea from @motaro, we can imagine his son having a ball of a time on public transport. Keep this up, and perhaps he will grow up to be a fine train enthusiast someday.

Source: Twitter@motaro via Twicolle
Featured image: Twitter@motaro
Insert image: Pakutaso