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From fierce legends to masculine superheroes, a lot has been said about Lego and its gendered marketing to boys. Now it seems the heroes on the more feminine side of the scale are finally getting a look-in, with the new Disney Princess line set to hit stores in Japan from March 7. We take a look at Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel and Merida in impressive Lego form and check out their adorable homes and accessories. These goodies will have your inner child squealing with delight!

First up we have the traditional princess, Cinderella, who made her Disney movie debut way back in 1950. There are two lego sets dedicated to her fairytale story: one featuring life in the lead-up to her marriage and the other showing life after the royal nuptials. Cinderella’s Romantic Castle (6,770 yen, US$66.52) contains a castle in gorgeous colours, and the princess in her trademark, billowing, sky-blue ball gown beside her besotted Prince Charming.




Cinderella kicks back and enjoys the good life. Animal pals Bruno and Lucifer are along for the ride too.


This set is the largest in the series, with different accessories and areas to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours.


There’s also Cinderella’s Dream Carriage (2,825 yen, US$27.76), for those who want to recreate Cinderella’s early days.


Inside, there’s an old broomstick for sweeping, a pair of cute orange pumpkins and the fairytale carriage, complete with an invitation to the ball.



Next in the line-up we have the famous underwater princess Ariel, in two versions also: as independent mermaid and two-legged human bride.



In Ariel’s Amazing Treasures (1,317 yen, US$12.94), Ariel is a single gal who enjoys singing, hanging out with her best friend, Flounder, and spying on landlubbers through her binoculars.


Ariel’s Magical Kiss (2,825 yen, US$27.76) sees her moving into a castle by the lagoon with Prince Eric.


With a boat, a floating picnic table and a lover’s seat by the boardwalk, Ariel is never far from her former underwater home.



A toast to living on land! Because nothing oozes royalty more than a chalice the size of your head.

Rapunzel may have been locked up in a tower for years but in Disney’s Tangled, this creates a strong, feisty woman thirsty for adventure. With Princess Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower (3.990 yen, US$39.20), her lego counterpart sports a more manageable hair length and lives in a pretty tower covered in flowers.


Rapunzel keeps good company with the handsome Eugene Fitzherbert, aka Flynn Rider, and her pet chameleon, Pascal.



Next in the line-up we have a more modern, Disney-Pixar princess who hails from Scotland and is known for her bright red locks and kick-ass persona. Merida’s Highland Games will retail for 2,272 yen (US$22.32).



As the star of the film Brave, Princess Merida enjoys archery, catching fish at the riverbank and shooting cookies with a catapult.

brave 1

The set also includes her triplet bear brothers!

brave 2

brave 3

The release is being highly anticipated in Japan, where men and women of all ages have a long-standing love affair with all things Disney, and of course where Lego is enjoying something of a rebirth recently. Hopefully we’ll see more Disney girls like Princess Jasmine and Pocahontas appearing in Lego form soon!

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