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As the most venerated of Japan’s many giant robots, Gundam casts a gallant figure. Whether he’s appearing onscreen in his newest anime installment, or simply casting his silhouette across the landscape, to gaze upon him is to be keenly aware of his unmistakable power.

Unless, of course, his back just went out. Or if he’s working part-time at the convenience store to earn extra cash.

You know what? With so many variations of Gundam out there, we’re starting to suspect that at least some of them are, in fact, wimps.

Photographic evidence has been piling up online that Gundam is secretly a pushover. It has come to the point where Japanese Twitter users have been trying to one-up each other by posting photos with the hashtag “the weakest-looking Gundam.”

▼ The weakest Gundam is still probably the mightiest Lego, though.

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Most of the contenders for this dubious title should technically be called Gundam hybrids, and we don’t mean that they’re fuel-efficient automobiles.

▼ Although those seem to exist, too.

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The point we’re trying to make is that most of these less than intimidating mobile suits were created by taking the head off one of the many Gundam models from toymaker Bandai, then sticking it on a body that significantly lowers its combat capabilities.

▼ For example, Sea Turtle Gundam.

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The tragic irony is that some of these concepts sound awesome on paper. For example, how about a mash-up of Gundam and Japan’s other runaway giant robot success story, Evangelion?

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This mecha-headed version of Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami wasn’t the only robotic schoolgirl either. For example, many people have complained about the slow pacing of slice-of-life anime K-On!, which is almost solely focused on a group of high school girls who hang out together and occasionally play rock music. Wouldn’t the show be more interesting if one of the guitarists was actually a robot?

▼ Who also happened to be under a cranium-shrinking witch doctor curse?

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On the one hand, this schoolgirl at least has a beam saber to defend herself with. On the other, she doesn’t even qualify as a Gundam, instead having the head of the titular mobile suit’s stripped down, mass produced variant, the GM.

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It’s often said that the best offense is a good defense, but there’s a point where trying to avoid damage becomes counterproductive. For example, in having his torso replaced by a shield, we’re not sure how this Gundam is supposed to even stay upright, much less engage opposing combatants.

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Likewise, while this design would make Gundam difficult for enemies to land a shot on, it also means he could be pushed over by a mildly upset infant.

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Ditto Twisty Gundam.

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A few entrants, while undeniably worthless in a firefight, seem like they could have their talents put to good use for more peaceful applications. Experts have long debated why soccer has been unable to catch on as a spectator sport in the United States. Maybe giant robots are the answer.

▼ Can Gundam succeed in changing Americans’ minds where Pele and David Beckham failed?

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Q-Tip Gundam reminds us that good inner ear hygiene is just as important as maintaining intergalactic peace.

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Unless replacing the head unit means the pilot can’t see, we have no idea how this one isn’t in fact the strongest-looking Gundam.

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Remember, to be the weakest, you need thin armor, poor stability, a complete lack of mobility, and your weak point raised high in the sky in order to be as vulnerable a target as possible.

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A consensus has yet to be reached as to who deserves the title of weakest-looking Gundam, so we can expect challengers to continue limply tossing their hats into the ring. Thankfully, Gundam seems to be secure enough in his self-image that he doesn’t mind being the butt of a couple jokes.

▼ “Eh, whaddaya gonna do?”

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