With only a day left before the dreaded sales tax hike in Japan, this is truly the zero hour for you to get your last-minute impulse buys in. And what could be more impulsive than buying this lobster-shaped clutch bag for the low low price 50,400 yen (US$490)!?

It’s not getting any cheaper folks!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’m sitting here in my underwear, playing a ukulele and sipping on a margarita. There’s no way I can get down to a fancy boutique for one of these luxury items before the tax hike hits!”


I know how you feel, but how can you resist the vibrant red coloring – sure to make you stand out in a crowd – or the ridged lobster-like body, perfect for clutching?

Let’s face it ladies, now’s the time to throw down your cash or credit on one of these beauties designed by the popular brand Muveil and its designer Michiko Nakayama.

lobster close up

I notice you’re still sitting there… Fine. Just go to Zozovilla and place an order online. Do it now, before you end up having to buy it after the hike for 51,861 yen ($504) Like a big ol’sucker.

Original article by Anji Tabata

▼ Don’t have anything that goes with lobster? Muveil’s got you covered there too!

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