Chocoholics, you have five very good reasons to visit this family restaurant.

Godiva is considered a pretty luxurious chocolate brand in Japan. That’s why it’s pretty exciting when they team up with arguably more affordable chain restaurants like McDonald’s and, now, Denny’s Japan. The “family restaurant” (a restaurant with an affordable menu that’s marketed towards families) boosted its rep when it released exquisite Kyoto Uji matcha desserts a couple of years ago; now, they’re tackling the chocolate market.

Until the end of May 2021, Denny’s is offering a limited-time dessert menu in collaboration with Godiva. Some options are excellent as palate cleansers while others could be considered full-on meals.

▼ First off, let’s take a look at the menu and pricing.

The chocolate pancakes above are displayed prominently on the limited dessert menu, at 1,098 yen (US$10.09) a stack. We’ll get into more detail about those later.

▼ Here are the more traditionally dessert-y options.

There are also three different options served in cups – a sundae and two types of parfaits. As you can see, the most expensive item is 1,208 yen, which isn’t too bad a price when you consider the quality and amount of chocolate you’ll get.

▼ Look at all that rich chocolate!

These pancakes, for starters, are made with a chocolate pancake batter base, sandwiched with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce, and topped with brownies. You also get a scoop each of vanilla ice cream and bitter cacao sorbet on the side and plenty of extra cocoa powder and sauce to mix it all up with.

▼ And if you don’t want to drown in chocolate – French toast.

The homemade French toast is also drizzled with heavenly Godiva chocolate sauce, and – though you can’t tell from the photo – it also comes with vanilla ice cream, cacao sorbet, whipped cream, and as you can see in the below photo, a dollop of chocolate pudding. Basically, it’s a delicious sampler platter.

▼ And for the grand finale, the sundae.

If you really want to savor all of the Godiva decadence you can get, we recommend trying the chocolate sundae. Designed by Godiva chocolatier Yannick Chevolleau, it has chocolate ice cream, French chocolate pieces and cocoa powder, cacao sorbet, cacao jelly, and Belgian chocolate cream. It’s also topped with bananas and a raspberry!

There are also two mini parfaits on the menu – a chocolate pudding option and a standard chocolate parfait – that are also definitely worth a try. We wish this deal would go on forever, but like we said, you only have until the end of May to try it out, so be sure to get there sooner rather than later!

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