A few weeks ago, online shopping site Run@Town began selling a series of special edition Star Wars themed notebooks. Although they were basically just a standard-issue school notebooks with jackets featuring images from the original three films, they sold out in the blink of an eye, and there are people still waiting for new stock to arrive. This week, the same online store announced another Star Wars tie-in, this time offering wooden hangers featuring busts of Yoda, C-3PO, a Stormtrooper, and smokes-20-a-day villain Darth Vader.

The best part is, by slipping them over the hanger, you can have the cast of characters wear your clothes, allowing you to create all kinds of weird mash-ups. And would you believe some of them actually look pretty cool? We have a feeling these are going to be Run@Town’s next sell-out item.

The Star Wars “Cos-Me” hangers come in four different designs:

▼ Stormtrooper, Darth Vader,hanger1

▼ Yoda and C-3POhanger2

They’re made of pretty study materials, too – you can expect these things to hang around (sorry) for a while!


What’s cool about them is how well they work with everyday clothes. We always see Darth Vader striding around wearing his long, flowing cloak of doom and Yoda in his modest robes, but surely they don’t wear the same gear all day, every day? What happens when a jedi wants to kick back at home, puts his feet up and watch The Walking Dead and House of Cards? What would they look like wearing a hoodie or a stylish leather jacket?

As it turns out, surprisingly awesome.

▼ Vader about town


▼ Classic casual



▼ Jumpsuit C-3PO



▼ This Stormtrooper just came in from milking the cows



▼Yoda, meanwhile, is apparently quite the Sailor Moon fan…

hanger15 hanger14

The hangers, along with a whole lot more Star Wars goodies, are on sale now over at Run@Town, and cost 3,240 yen (US$31) each.

Judging by the speed those Star Wars notebooks sold out, if you’re in the market for some “Cos-Me” hangers, you’d be wise to get a few in your shopping basket as soon as possible!

Photos: RocketNews24




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