Chunky Cookie Frappuchino

Starbucks Japan does it again with another seasonal item: the Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino. It’s like milk and cookies in a cup, but it’ll also keep you cool this summer. With a vanilla base, chocolate chunk cookie clusters, and even almonds, it sounds like it’ll be another tempting option on their menu…with an entire cookie crumbled up and blended in!

The cookie used in the recipe is a modification of their ever-popular chocolate chunk cookie. It’s specially formulated and baked extra long to retain its crunch in the slow-melting Frappuccino, so you can crunch your way through until the very end.

▼ You’re saying I get a dessert in my dessert? Awesome!

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Starbucks lovers all over Japan will be salivating in anticipation until its release on May 12. It’s only on sale until August 31 though, so be sure to enjoy it while you can. Whether you’re inside to take refuge from the heat or going for a walk on the beach, it will be a sweet addition to your summer plans.

They will be priced at 540 yen (US$5.26) for a tall, 580 ($5.65) for a grande and 620 ($6.04) for a venti.

While this Frappuccino does not contain coffee, you can always customize by adding a shot of espresso or coffee for just 50 yen. There are a number of tempting options like caramel sauce, chocolate chips and cinnamon. See how many variations you can make while it’s still on the menu!

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Images: Starbucks (1, 2)