New drink is said to have a taste unique to Japan, but what does our Japanese reporter think about it?

Every year in Japan, Starbucks customers are treated to not one but two limited-edition festive Frappuccinos for the holidays. After getting a taste of the first Frappuccino, which was filled with chocolate and strawberries and released on 1 November, it’s now time to wrap our lips around their second festive offering, which is all about Toasted White Chocolate.

▼ The new flavour combo, available in a hot mocha version as well, was released on 24 November.

According to the chain, this new beverage is based on the Toasted White Chocolate Frappuccinos popular during the holidays in the U.S., but with a taste unique to Japan. Starbucks says customers here prefer lighter beverages that are less sweet and more refreshing, and so that’s what this one aims to deliver to taste buds around the nation.

▼ Marshmallows and a dusting of sparkly sugar on top conjure up images of a white Christmas.

The base contains milk, with whole cookies blended into it and a good dollop of white chocolate sauce for added decadence.

▼ No caffeine in this cold beverage.

The drink looked as light and airy as a fresh mound of powder snow, but dipping the spoon inside revealed there was a lot more to it, as it was filled with tiny cookie chunks.

These little cookies pieces were the absolute star of the show, giving the chocolatey drink an addictive mouthfeel that had our reporter K. Masami delivering spoonful after spoonful to her eager taste buds at lightning speed.

It didn’t taste entirely like the usual Japanese beverages she’s had at Starbucks in the past, as there was something foreign about it, and after a few more spoonfuls, she realised what it was.

▼ It was like drinking an American cookie, but with slightly less sugar.

American cookies taste very different to the ones you get in Japan, so this was a nice surprise for Masami. And seeing as the beverage is part of a series designed to take your taste buds on a trip to different “world markets”, it really hit the mark by capturing a familiar American flavour while adapting it to suit local tastes.

▼ And as far as Masami is concerned, drinking cookies is a pretty great way to celebrate Christmas.

The Toasted White Chocolate Frappuccino (638 yen [US$5.56] for a Tall) and the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha (priced from 501 yen for a Short) are currently on the menu at Starbucks locations around Japan until Christmas Day. That’s also the same sales period for Starbucks’ limited-edition holiday drinkware, so if you stop by in the lead-up to Christmas, be sure to keep an eye out for those too while you’re there!

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