Now that she’s hit the big 4-0, Hello Kitty has been getting up to all sorts of mischief. She’s posed for the god of manga, been caught in hotel rooms and even joined the mile-high club.

However, Ms Kitty once had more cerebral pursuits in mind, having conquered the Rubik’s Cube by becoming one with it…literally. We take a look at the unique Hello Kitty puzzle – an awesomely cute mind-bender that offers a great sense of accomplishment to those who want to reconstruct the deconstructed cat.

▼ Retailing for 1,977 yen (US$18.78), Ms Kitty looks cute and well put-together in the box


▼ Out of the box, she shifts into all sorts of weird and wonderful designs


▼  After many twists and turns, our adorable cat bounces back to face another dayIMG10026

Cute or frightening? Opinions in Japan are divided, with some netizens totally in love with the interesting take on the well-known puzzle cube. Others are sad to see her disfigured and wonder what Ms Kitty was thinking when she agreed to this. Either way, it’s a unique puzzle we’d be willing to solve any day!

Source: jin115
Featured Image: 那矢一二三の四次元おもちゃ箱
mages: Magical Cubism