A couple of months ago, we wrote about a set of Star Wars-themed notebooks sold over at the online shopping website Run@town. Much to everyone’s surprise, the fandom those little books stirred up caused a massive run that led them to being sold out within an single hour.

Now, Run@town is hoping that the force with strike twice with a new product that could tickle the fancy of Star Wars fans everywhere even harder. It’s an R2-D2 virtual keyboard projector! You read that right–a tiny droid beams a keyboard onto any flat surface for you to actually type on.

Crafted in exquisite detail, this little R2 unit stands slightly shorter than an iPhone on its edge. However, much like that famous scene in A New Hope where the droid projects Princess Leia’s plea for help, this little guy will lay out an entire keyboard made of red light onto your tabletop.

If you haven’t already scrolled to the bottom of this post to find the link to buy one for yourself (and, honestly,we wouldn’t blame you), here’s how it works.

R2-D2 is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and connects via Bluetooth. If that wasn’t enough, the virtual keyboard makes R2’s signature beeps and whistles when you press certain keys for the full Star Wars typing experience. Check it out:

The device’s maker, imp, opened the R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard for pre-orders on – appropriately enough – May the fourth. Delivery is set for the end of August. However, some lucky Banthas like our own Mr. Sato were given a prototype to try out before then.

Our man said that it was a really well-made gadget and the R2 voices were both authentic sounding and really cute. In the end he said it was more than just a virtual keyboard. It was like having a little buddy around too.

As awesome as this is, it’s uncertain if this will sell out quite as quickly as the notebooks given R2’s price tag of 33,480 yen (US$329), but Star Wars fans might want to get an order in as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to try and buy one off a Jawa, and you know how they can be.

Source: Run@town – R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard
Original report by Mr. Sato

Even though this was just a prototype, the detail was very nice. They even got the shine on R2’s head accurately.

There also a port for a micoUSB cable in the back.

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