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After the huge success of Frozen, Disney fans are eagerly awaiting the next Disney project! Well, Japanese fans have a really good reason to rejoice! Walt Disney’s Animation Studio’s new movie, Big Hero 6, will feature the first Japanese protagonist!

Although Frozen only opened in Japan two months ago, if you live there, you would think it just came out last weekend. Everywhere you go you hear the telltale “Ari no mama no” of the Japanese version of “Let it Go”. As fantastic as the movie was, you would think two months was enough for the fervor to die down and to get away from all the marketing. With Disney’s recent announcement, will fans be able to make room for this new movie? Hiro Hamada, a 14-year-old genius living in fictional San Fransokyo, will certainly catch some attention.

Called Big Hero 6, this movie draws its inspiration from the Marvel Comic of the same name. It will feature the aforementioned hero, his brother Tadashi, and his friends GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi-No-Ginger, Fred and the puffy white robot friend in the trailer, Baymax.

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Those familiar with the comic version will note a few changes. The main character’s last name has changed from Takachiho to Hamada. The setting will also change from Tokyo to beautiful San Fransokyo! Keen observers will note that San Fransokyo is a portmanteau of San Francisco and Tokyo. Baymax has also had an image makeover and has been reinvented as a cute and helpful robot.

▼That sweet, green monster…that’s Baymax in the comics! 

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While the trailer reminds us of another superhero movie, The Incredibles, those hoping to see some big name comic book characters in this movie might be in luck as Disney owns Marvel, so some well-known Marvel characters could crossover into Big Hero 6.

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The movie is slated for a US release date on November 11, 2014, and in February for the UK. Given Japan’s track record for movie releases, who knows when it will make its debut in Japan! Whenever it does come though, Japan will surely want to see their first Japanese Disney hero!

▼A look at San Fransokyo

Images: YouTube (Walk Disney Animation Studios), Marvel
Video: YouTube (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
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