Diners will find it hard to eat more than one burger in 30 minutes, but this is a food challenge our Mr Sato has been years in training for. 

If you’ve been following our site for a while, you might remember a young Mr Sato taking on food challenges left, right and centre. A burger filled with 11 cups of ramen? Done and dusted. All-you-can-eat KFC? Demolished. A Whopper with 1,050 slices of bacon? Well…almost.

Now that we come to think of it, the only time our reporter ever hit a wall when it came to food challenges was when it involved supersizing burgers at Burger King. So when he heard that the fast food giant would be offering an all-you-can-eat deal for the first time in six years, Mr Sato took it as a personal challenge and got in line immediately to make a reservation for the big event.

▼ Mr Sato was so quick to secure his place at the table that he got in with the 01 reservation number.

The all you-can-eat event is set to take place on 18-22 September, and Mr Sato claimed a spot for the first time slot at 2:00 p.m. on 18 September. There are only ten places available per 45-minute slot, with last orders being taken at the 30-minute mark, meaning customers will have only 30 minutes to scarf down as many burgers, fries and drinks as possible.

▼ The offer is only available at the chain’s Ochanomizu Saint Clair branch in Tokyo.

In the past, Burger King’s all-you-can-eat deals have been limited to Whoppers, fries and drinks, but for this year’s iteration, there won’t be any regular Whoppers available. The only burger included in the offer will be a beefy monstrosity called the Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger.

▼ The all you-can eat deal is aptly called “Maximum the Challenge“.

A challenge is exactly what this burger promises to be, as it’s packed to the brim with the following ingredients: creamy mayonnaise, freshly cut onion, pickles, four slices of smoky bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, two extra slices of cheddar cheese, 13-centimetre-wide sesame seed buns, fresh lettuce, freshly cut tomato, ketchup, salt, pepper, and FOUR flame-grilled beef patties.

After making his reservation, Mr Sato received an “I Did It” sticker, which may have been a bit premature, but it certainly gave off the impression that finishing just one of the burgers would be a challenge in itself.

According to The Food Industry Newspaper, this beast of a burger weighs in at 607 grams (1.3 pounds) and contains over 2,046 kilocalories. In terms of weight, that’s about the same as 2.8 McDonald’s Big Macs.

While that might sound daunting to a regular fast food customer, Mr Sato has been years in training for a battle like this, as he and his colleagues did once defeat a 35-patty Lotteria burger.

Will Mr Sato be able to come out victorious against the Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger? Only time will tell, and if you’d like to enter the ring for your own battle against the beast, the challenge will be taking place on the hour every hour from 2-7 p.m. on 18-22 September.

Along with the burger — which must be completely finished before ordering another — diners will be able to feast on as many medium-sized fries and drinks during the allotted time period, all for 1,900 yen (US$18.08).

Mr Sato is hoping he can fit at least two in to get his money’s worth when he takes up the challenge, and he’s already put in some practice with Burger King’s new Ugly Beef Burgers in the hopes that he can do his younger self proud. Because it’s been a while since he downed four Whoppers during Burger King’s all-you-can-eat deal back in 2013.

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