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For a country known for its restaurants serving relatively small portions of foods, Japan sure seems to love all-you-can-eat campaigns (although occasionally, things don’t go quite as planned at these events). Well, if you love meat and lots of it, we have good news for you. Burger King Japan’s popular all-you-can eat Whooper campaign is coming back again this year, so get ready to have your fill of big, juicy hamburgers!!

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That’s right, from November 4 to 13, Burger King Japan will be having their annual “eat as many Whoppers as you can” fest at shops across Japan. The promotion, which they first ran in 2010, has since become a regular event that Burger King fans look forward to each Autumn.

The campaign has come to be known as the “B”IKING, a play on the word “Viking” which is often used in Japan to refer to all-you-can-eat buffets, and this year, you first have to order a “B”IKING Challenge Set to get a piece of the all-you-can-eat action. The set, priced at 1,200 yen (US$11), consists of two Whoppers, medium-size fries and a medium-size drink, all of which you need to finish before you can proceed to attempt to consume as many Whoppers  as possible. Just present the wrappers and cup and containers at the counter to show that you’ve finished everything from your initial Challenge Set, and you’re set to receive your limitless supply of Whoppers, fries and drinks.

However, there are certain conditions that apply, the biggest being that you have just 30 minutes from the time you first order your Challenge Set to take advantage of the all-you-can-eat deal. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of time, and we have no idea how many Whoppers the average person can eat in half an hour, but the promotion has continued to be a hit since its start, regardless.

And if you’re super anxious for the promotion to begin and can hardly wait to get your hands on those Whoppers, you can buy advance discount tickets for the Challenge set for 1,100 yen (yes, you get to save a whopping 100 yen, or just under a dollar!), available at select Burger King shops from now until November 3. You’ll want to take note, though, that if you buy the advance tickets, you’ll only be able to use them at the shop where you bought them. So, hamburger fans, get ready for some Whopper madness, and if you do participate in the promotion, by all means do let us know how many Whoppers you were able to eat!

Source and Photos: Burger king Japan press release (Japanese)