In Japan, Burger King doesn’t just give us the Whopper recipe, it gives us the ingredients to make it too!

Out of all the fast food burger joints in Japan, Burger King is firmly at the top of our list of favourites. With special campaigns designed to appeal to Japanese customers, including half-price Whopper Juniors and the world’s first-ever Burger King Ghost Store in Shibuya, there’s nothing we don’t love about the world’s second-largest fast food hamburger chain. Even the cleverly crafted digs they dole out to their number one competitor bring a smile to our faces.

Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Burger King is doing the right thing by limiting business hours and closing a number of stores to help stop the spread of the virus. And while that’s disappointing news for customers missing the taste of their flame-grilled burgers, the fast food chain is stepping up to the plate to give us the next best thing, by providing us with the ingredients to make Burger King burgers at home.

Called CooKING Burger @Home, the new offer is limited to deliveries only, and comes in two-set or four-set options. The two set-option retails for 1,080 yen (US$10.13) and includes two 100-percent beef patties measuring 13 centimetres (5.1 inches) across, and two sesame-topped buns. The four-set option retails for 2,000 yen and comes with four patties and four buns.

What makes this deal so special is the fact that it includes real Burger King patties and buns. The patties have been cooked over an open flame on Burger King’s original broiler, just like the ones in-store, allowing you to recreate the authentic flavour of a flame-grilled Whopper at home.

▼ The set also comes with a “Recipe of Whopper” guide so you can create your ultimate burger.

▼ Burger King has also released its Whopper recipe in France, although without the offer of authentic in-store ingredients.

If you’re in Japan, the delivery set isn’t the only thing to put a smile on your face during these worrying times, as customers who order a takeout-only Spicy Whopper Junior or a Quattro Cheese Whopper Junior will get an additional one for free.

▼ The Spicy Whopper Junior

▼ The Quattro Cheese Whopper Junior

The two-for-one takeout deal and the CooKING Burger @Home sets will be available for a limited time at participating outlets from 1 May.

Source, images: PR Times 
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