We take a giraffe nap in a standing sleep pod at a cafe in Tokyo

Testing the benefits of vertical sleep and coffee in Harajuku.

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Standing sleeping pods coming to Tokyo cafe, promise to relieve fatigue and stress【Pics】

Nescafé Harajuku is offering the opportunity to nap like a giraffe.

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Japanese genius creates concept of the ultimate nap chamber

Who needs a bed when you can recreate Japan’s favorite place to take a nap?

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Late night? Get a free ride home in a taxi designed for napping

Aromatherapy…a free eye mask…soothing music…a relaxing drink. This could be the best way to get home!

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This owl and kitten duo napping is the most adorable thing you will see today 【Photos】

When things aren’t going right in your life, there is bound to be something on the Internet that will make yoy feel better. Well, look no further. This is a public service announcement: The following pictures are so cute that they will melt your heart, no matter how cold or frozen it might be. See if you can make it to the bottom of this article without going “d’aww…”

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New Shampoo Bar shop in Tokyo promises you a nap, or your money back!

Do you dread that feeling of drowsiness that creeps up on you in the afternoon? Are you sick of having to fight that urge to pass out at work? Well, maybe you should consider using your mid-afternoon break not to down another cup of caffeine, but to give in and catch some z’s–at the local Shampoo Bar!

In another one of Japan’s ingenious solutions to life, the “Shampoo Specialty Shop Shampoo Bars” aim to give their clients, most of whom are frazzled salarymen and office ladies, a few minute’s respite from the chaos of work with–you guessed it–a relaxing shampoo treatment and head massage! The chain has locations in both Tokyo and Fukuoka City, and a new shop just opened last week in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. In celebration, the Akasaka branch has been offering a new menu item since June 1 which is geared especially towards all of the exhausted office workers out there: a “Shampoo Napping” course!

And here’s the best part: If you don’t manage to take a snooze, your money will be fully refunded! 

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18 people who know how to squeeze in a nap

In this busy world, it’s hard to find time to take a nap. Sure, Spain has their siestas, but what about the rest of the world? If you’re in need of some shut eye, just take a cue from these 18 people who know how to get some much needed (or an entirely excessive amount of) sleep.

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