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Which is worse, hair in your mayonnaise or mayonnaise in your hair? Assuming you haven’t actually eaten any, hair in your mayo is actually a pretty easy problem to rectify. You either toss the jar out, or you make lunch for any of your sworn enemies who’d accept a surprise sandwich from you despite your less than friendly relationship.

Mayonnaise in your hair, on the other hand, means you yourself are dirty though, and you’ve got to stop whatever you’re doing (such as crafting diabolical plots against your aforementioned enemies) to go and shampoo, right?

Actually, you don’t, according to people in Japan who say spreading a little mayo on your hair is actually good for it.

Although it sounds like some odd hazing ritual, there’s actually a lot of logic behind the practice. Mayonnaise is primarily made of egg yolks, vinegar, and oil. The first provides vital proteins, the second tightens the cuticles, and the third acts as a protective coating.

▼ “Don’t worry! I’ll protect you!”

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Put all of those effects together, and those who’ve tried it say a mayo pack is great for helping dry, damaged hair become healthy and lustrous once more:

“I heard mayonnaise packs are good for your hair, so I tried it today and it was amazing! My hair was all bristly before, but now it’s so smooth!”
“I tried a mayonnaise pack, and it fixed my frizzy hair. Looks like it really works.”

The process for a homemade mayonnaise hair pack is about as simple as its one-item ingredient list. After shampooing, place enough mayonnaise on your head to lightly cover your hair. Use a comb to brush the condiment through and make sure you coat each strand from scalp to tip. For even more effectiveness, you can follow up by wrapping your head in plastic wrap to make sure the mayo really soaks in.

▼ A Ziploc isn’t really the best substitute in this case.

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Wait about 30 minutes for the mayo magic to happen, and you’re done. Online commenters who’ve tried it report that the mayonnaise leaves little to no smell on your hair, especially if your blow dry it afterwards. If you’re still worried about the possibility of smelling like a container of Best Foods, though, you can always give your hair another quick shampoo after the pack.

▼ Although some people might find the aroma enchanting, depending on how hungry they are.

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But even with a scientific basis and anecdotal evidence both making a mayo hair pack sound like a great idea, it’s understandable that some people would feel averse to spreading what’s essentially food all over their head. Actually, though, you could say the fact that mayonnaise is edible is just one more reason to try the unorthodox beauty idea, as pointed out by the following online comment:

“Since it’s food that’s okay to put in your mouth, it seems safer than dedicated hair products that have God knows what in them.”

Well said, since really, when was the last time you found yourself craving a conditioner casserole?

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Josei no Bigaku
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