kirby 1

Now, we’ve previously seen Kirby from the famous game series presented in various adorable forms, even as an amazingly elaborate and tasty-looking tart, but after seeing pictures of this soon-to-be-released Kirby product, we just can’t get over how cute he looks — as stackable figures! He’s so cute, in fact, that as cheesy as it may sound, we can hardly resist the temptation to shout, “You’re an absolute STAR, Kirby!” Yes, these stackable Kirby figures will be coming out on July 25 from toy maker Ensky, and we simply had to share the delightful pictures with you. The figures will be the newest addition to the company’s line of “tsumu tsumu” toys, which literally means “stack stack” (Is it just me, or does even the name sound cute?). So, here’s what the figures from the “Stack Stack Kirby” series look like up-close!

▼The Kirbys come in various poses and expressions. These two look like they’re pleasantly surprised, with one hand in the air.kirby 2

kirby 3

▼Here, he looks quite happy with both hands down in front of him, almost like he’s doing some stretches.kirby 4

▼He’s again looking very content in these two figures. You can almost imagine him saying, “Yippee!” kirby 5

kirby 6

▼There’s also a Kirby that looks exceedingly surprised.kirby 7

▼There’s even an angry Kirby, and he doesn’t look happy at all!kirby 8

▼They also have Kirby looking like he’s trying very hard to hold something up.kirby 9

▼Ahh … and we guess even Kirby can’t help feeling a little sleepy at times.kirby 10

▼And here’s an active-looking Kirby in a pose like he’s about to receive a ball in a volleyball match.kirby 11

▼The figures also come with a large Warp Star which the Kirbys can hold or be stacked on.kirby 12

▼And here are just some examples of how the Kirby figures can be stacked! You can really be quite creative with them!kirby 13

kirby 14

kirby 15

The Stack Stack Kirby set, priced at 2,376 yen (US$23), comes with 10 Kirby figures and one Warp Star, and your imagination is the limit when it comes to the number of arrangements you can create with them. We have to admit, we’ve fallen in love with these little Kirbys, and we have a feeling that many other game fans might be feeling the same way — because if looking at pictures of the Kirby figures is this much fun, then actually playing around with them and stacking them has simply got to be amazing, right?

Source: AMAZON JP via GameInformer and Tiny Cartridge