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You know how you sometimes sit at home watching TV and find yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I could eat a Denny’s meal right now. But, like, from a cup…”? Neither have we, but apparently that product is a real thing and is coming to stores in Japan very soon.

That’s right folks, with the help of Cup Noodle (and Cup Curry Rice) maker Nissin, Denny’s Japan will launch its 40th anniversary rice dish Denny’s Jambalaya in cup form on June 24.

The mini meal will cost 224 yen (US$2.20) and will be available to buy from 7-Eleven convenience stores, affiliated supermarkets, and, surprisingly, Denny’s restaurants themselves.

We’ve tried the real thing and can confirm that it is indeed tasty, but we’re approaching this microwaveable version with a degree of trepidation. Rest assured, though, that we’ll run a full taste just as soon as the product hits the shelves and let you know how well (or badly) the transition from restaurant food to heat-at-home snack goes.

Source: Narinari
Feature image via Entabe