There are six crazy straps in this collection, but can you guess what they’re meant to represent?

The creative team at Kitan Club is constantly coming up with zany ideas to bring smiles to people’s faces. They’ve given us kitty and crow palsStreet Fighter 2 mobile phone stands, and even some bizarre cat sushi figurines, but now they’re venturing out into more unchartered territory, with a series of cute straps in the shape of different pollen grains.

▼ The Kafun (Pollen) collection contains six different varieties, perfect for hay fever sufferers looking to give some form to the shape of their tiny enemies.


Hayfever is a huge problem in Japan, with specially designed products like masks, glasses, nasal creams and face sprays being used by sufferers during the change of seasons. Often it’s not one plant or tree that causes problems, but several, meaning that people can suffer from hayfever at different times of the year. These straps contain enlarged versions modelled on real pollen grains, so we can get a closer look at some of the main culprits that get up people’s noses in Japan.

▼ Matsu (Pine Tree)



▼ Ine (Rice Plant)


▼ Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)


▼ Yomogi (Japanese mugwort)


▼  Butakusa (Ragweed)


▼ Sugi (Japanese Cedar)


That was the most entertaining science lesson we’ve ever had! The pollen straps will retail for 300 yen (US$2.90) each and can be found in gacha capsule toy vending machines around the country from the end of September.

Source, Images: Kitan Club