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All cat owners are aware of the kind of mischief the lovable little furballs can get up to when we’re not around (and there’s probably also plenty of mischief we’re blissfully unaware of). Thankfully in this age of mobile phones, cameras, and YouTube, we can now keep a close eye on what the little rascals are up to, which often results in some cute comedy gold.

These two beautiful cats in a Japanese household make a great double act. Check out the video below of their exploits into the forbidden snack drawer – the sound effects really make the whole thing!

And in case you can’t watch the vid right now (I hear some workplaces actually want you to do work, rather than just spending the whole day watching cat videos?), here’s a picture playthrough.

▼ Kitty 1 tries again and again to get into the forbidden drawer of delicious snacks.


▼ Then finally, success! Now to get her paws on all those tasty treats in there…


▼ Until Kitty 2 wants in on it too… *sound of drawer closing*


▼ Kitty 2: Oops… Kitty 1: What did you go and do that for?!


You know that feeling when your coworker accidentally deletes the document you’ve been working on all morning while showing you how to insert a graph? Or your mum throws away the experiment you’ve been growing in your mug for half a year while she’s helping tidy your room? Yeah, we can sympathize with the cat slap at the end.

Source: Lab Q
Images/Video: YouTube