Sakura shoes! Converse’s new Japan-exclusive model is made with actual cherry blossoms

Putting these sakura-pink kicks on your feet will help put more cherry blossom trees in Japan’s tsunami-struck Tohoku region.

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Hello Kitty gets a new job — this time appearing on Converse sneakers!

Only cute and good things can come out of a collaboration between the world’s busiest cat and international sneaker brand Converse

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Wear your love for JoJo on your feet with these special-edition Converse All Stars!

Hit manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure meets casual fashion in the form of stylish sneakers

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Ultraman has some new kicks for his 50th anniversary thanks to Converse All Star

Because sometimes superhero boots are just not that comfortable.

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12 tabi split-toe sneakers to add a ninja flair to your casual everyday wear

The iconic split-toed tabi boot steps out of the ninja scene and into the world of sneakers in this roundup of awesome footwear designed for the street.

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Keep running right with new line of Super Mario Bros-themed sneakers from Converse

Although Mario is occasionally seen riding atop his faithful dinosaur companion Yoshi, and Mercedes-Benz recently hooked him up with a pretty sweet ride, Nintendo’s biggest hero has spent most of his adventures on foot. Even after three decades of running and jumping, though, Mario always seems up for the latest physical challenge life throws at him.

He must have some pretty comfortable shoes, and now thanks to Converse, you can try on a pair of Mario kicks for yourself.

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