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In the annals of history, there have been many men who were so cool, they practically defined the word. The kind of guys that were so naturally cool, they didn’t even seem to notice when they were doing something awesome. We’re talking about guys like James Dean, Sam Jackson, Bruce Willis, the classic crooners like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, and I guess we’ll begrudgingly add newbies like Ryan Gosling (Just kidding! We mean Marky Mark).

Now we can add this incredibly awesome little boy, who seems to be around five years old. We see him here in this video casually comforting a grieving little girl who is upset about being removed from her mother on what we presume is the first day of school. She even does that adorable kid thing where she tries her best not to cry but it’s not really working, and our heroic little boy just sort of nonchalantly tells her he’s got her back – almost like she’s a fiery explosion that he’s casually walking away from without looking at. That’s how cool this kid is.

Just watch how nonchalant he is, as the girl has an epic emotional breakdown next to him, and he responds by telling her, “I’ll take care of you,” while just playing with a Hot Wheel the way cool dudes back in the day would smoke cigarettes. Playing with hot wheels while you casually tell people you’ll protect them is going to be the new barometer for cool. We called it here first, folks.

As the girl’s situation appears to become more and more dire, he does a bit of the old politician hand chop at one point and proposes he call the girl’s mom and demand she come pick the girl up sooner than 4 pm, because for a 5-year-old girl, 4 pm is when the world ends every day if their moms aren’t there.

Watch just a little further in, and you get a great glimpse of the little boy casually ogling and waving at another little girl who walks into frame. This kid is the coolest person of the male gender on the planet!

Oh, except for maybe one guy…

Source: YouTube