Now you see her, now you don’t!

What may have started as an innocent prank between uncle and nephew took an abrupt turn for the worse, when Twitter-user @kitigai_dayo convinced his five-year-old nephew that a girl he met had gone the way of the Wicked Witch and melted away. @kitigai_dayo, who regularly posts photos of himself crossdressed as a very convincing female, relayed the story on his Twitter, accompanied by a snapshot of the offending scene:

“This morning, my nephew was running around the house, looking for the girl I had dressed up as.
Nephew: Where’s the Switch lady? (He calls her the Switch lady because she’d given him a Nintendo Switch)
Me: Come look in the bathroom… She’s melted away.
He continued wailing for an hour

I’m the kind of scum that traumatizes little five-year-olds
My older brother was not happy with me”

@kitigai_dayo later explained in the comments that he had played Mario Cart with his nephew for a couple of hours dressed as “Switch lady”. Even though he kept up his best lady’s voice, he thought his nephew had caught on, but that apparently wasn’t the case.

Of course, netizens had lots to say about the matter:

“Terrible! lol”
“I feel bad for your nephew but, I love this lol.”
“How low can you go.”
(In reply to the above) “I spent 50 thousand yen (US$450) on a present for him and the next day I’m treated like a criminal.”
“What a cute nephew lol.”
“Will your older brother dress as the Switch lady?”

We hope that the little nephew has recovered from this tragic experience, although @kitigai_dayo says that Switch lady might make a reappearance during the Japanese holiday of Obon, where spirits of family members who have passed are said to come back to earth. Hopefully she comes bearing gifts again, at least!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@kitigai_dayo