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Despite the fact that kids today don’t seem to fully appreciate the simple perfection that is the original Game Boy, there is something about that brick-sized grey piece of plastic that can instantly remind almost any 20- or 30-something video game enthusiast of our early gaming days basking in the dull green glow of the monochrome LCD screen. And even though most of us now have a phone in our pocket with specs that blow the Game Boy away, Nintendo’s portable will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So when a Japanese net user caught a glimpse of a co-worker’s expertly crafted smartphone wallpaper, the Internet exploded in one voice—GIMME.

The picture of the amazingly detailed smartphone wallpaper showed up on Twitter last week with the user saying the digital artwork caused them to do a double-take. At first glance, the smartphone actually looked like a (very thin) Game Boy complete with the Emmy Award-winning D-pad.

▼ The creator has mapped their apps and functions to the buttons and icons

2014.07.28 gameboyImage: Twitter (xxmasayanxx)

Netizens were incredibly impressed with the level of Game Boy fandom required to dedicate the time to creating such a masterpiece. Game Boy fanatics rallied to express support for putting the wallpaper design up for all to download and many even said they were willing to pay to have the option of turning their smartphone into a Game Boy replica.

▼ Because this phone case was their only option before

2014.07.28 gameboy iiiImage: Amazon.co.jp

Unfortunately, the maker of the Game Boy wallpaper never revealed themselves, leaving net users wondering who would be next to make an amazing smartphone background and share it publicly. And if any wallpaper designers are paying attention, smartphone users in Japan would like not only a Game Boy background, but fans of the Sega Saturn and even WonderSwan fanatics wouldn’t mind being able to carry their favorite consoles around in their pocket. Get makin’!

Source: Jin 115
Feature Image: Twitter (xxmasayanxx)