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So, you love to blast your music wherever you go, but you can’t find any headphones fashionable enough to match your wardrobe. While that’s not likely a problem many of us have, someone has found a solution! Chanel–yes, Chanel–will be releasing their newest fashion accessory–headphones–mid-September. And, don’t worry, fashionistas, they are exactly as expensive as you would think they are!

chanel hp

Though the headphones originally debuted at a Chanel 2014 Autumn Winter catwalk show in Paris this spring, their official release date was only just recently announced as being sometime mid-September, according to Japanese fashion blog Fashionsnap.

And in case you thought Chanel was losing its mind, have no fear! The stylish headphones have also been given a high price tag to match their high fashion status: 907,200 yen (about US$8,644) including tax.

▼After buying these headphones, you’ll be lucky to be able to buy instant ramen…

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The headphones, which cost about the same as a used 2007 Saturn, are the result of a collaboration between Chanel and Monster. We can only assume someone at Beats by Dre (which was originally partnered with Monster) will be pissed at Chanel for stealing their business plan

▼And laughing all the way to the bank…

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The headphones feature the iconic Chanel logo, quilted black leather, and a quilted black leather carrying bag. They also apparently have digital noise cancellation capabilities and other high-performance functions–we just hope their sound quality is as high as their price tag!

You can check out the show where the headphones made their March 4 debut below.

While we’ll be happy to stick with our Shure headphones for now, we suppose that these would be the perfect accessory for your next trip to Paris with Mr. Swizz Beatz. But we just can’t help thinking about all the disaster preparedness kits you could buy instead!

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Images: YouTube