It’s what we’ve all been waiting for — a way to watch our phone screen without clogging it up with noodle grease!

The humble instant noodle pot has come to the aid of many a hungry worker or even a hardworking housewife. Cheap to purchase, quick to make, hot and filling to eat, it’s little wonder that cup ramen has staked such a foothold in the Japanese market that we get a new bizarre flavor every year.

All foods have their drawbacks, though. And we aren’t talking about instant noodles’ distressingly high sodium content. See, when you sit down at your desk with your piping hot cup of instant ramen, the broth that splatters out from the cup as you eat your noodles will buffet all the surrounding surfaces. And when that splattering settles and dries, it creates a greasy, nasty scum that makes everything look dirty and smell like old noodles. Yuck.

▼ But never fear, the Noodle Wall is here!

Zyplus, the innovative company that brought us a way to drink potato chips, thought up the Noodle Wall so that people can eat their hot noodles without worrying about splattering noodle residue on their computers or keyboards. The “wall” is a small screen that can be folded into a B5-sized stack, about the size of a standard Japanese notebook.

▼ When unfolded, the screen creates a protective barrier between your PC and your meal.

The screen comes with a clear pocket where you can place your phone, meaning you can watch your phone’s screen without worrying about splattering it with noodle broth. The clear pocket has openings at the sides, so you can attach charging cables or headphones to your phone.

▼ The glossy material is easy to wipe clean and protects everything around it.

The Noodle Wall has another psychological benefit — by blocking off a little portion of your desk, it creates a little area for you to rest and unwind while at a work desk. The wings at the side of the wall even make it trickier for people beside you to sneak a peek at whatever you’re watching on the screen, although we’d recommend you avoid watching steamy or salacious content at your work desk anyway.

The Noodle Wall can be bought online through Amazon and costs 1,980 yen plus tax (US$18.80). A small price to pay for a squeaky clean desk!

Source, images: Value Press
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