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Okay, confession time. I am a little bitsigh, A LOTobsessed with internet cats. From Lil Bub to Little P and with a lot of Princess Monster Truck in between, I follow them all. But perhaps the cutest and most consistently entertaining is chubby, lazy Maru, who happens to live in Japan with his owner known by YouTube handle mugumogu.

Maru is so famous he has his own book and has appeared in both print and TV ads for major brands like Uniqlo. Mostly he likes hanging out at home trying to fit into various boxes, but if the latest video is any indication, he may have a new hobby: pushing a pushcart around the house.

A pushcart does look a bit like a box, so mugumogu probably thought Maru would take right to it. Sure enough, when it is left out for him, he mounts right up and starts pushing that thing all over the house, forcing adopted sister Hana to get out of the way or get run down.

It’s nice to see Maru getting some exercise, but we hope he doesn’t lose his trademark pudginess. Speaking of pudginess, do you know celebricat Pudge?!

I need help.

Source and images: YouTube – mugumogu