What’s evil yet sweet and a delight to pop into your mouth? Well the newest tempting items from Japanese confectioner Cozy Corner’s Disney cake collection certainly fit the description. Yes, for Halloween this year, some of Disney’s notable villains have transformed themselves into gorgeous mini-cakes, and by the looks of things, we have to say Disney magic probably doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

Cozy Corner’s new mini-cake collection, set to come out later this week, is actually a revamped version of the “Petit Gateau Disney Collection”  that was released in May this year to coincide with the Children’s Day holiday in Japan. The mini-cake set was apparently quite a hit back in May (not surprisingly, since small Disney-themed cakes would certainly seem to be a sure way to delight kids on Children’s Day), and now they have a Halloween version that features well-known Disney villains!


The new mini cake collection offers Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Captain Hook from Peter PanCruella De Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Ursla from The Little Mermaid and the Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as our familiar friends Mickey, Minnie and Winnie the Pooh, all in colorful, bite-sized cake form. Now, if the sight of these cakes don’t get you excited … well, we’ll just assume you’re not a huge fan of sweets.

What really impressed us is the intricate design of the cakes that symbolize the Disney villains. We’ve seen many posters and other fan art that offer creative and beautiful takes on Disney characters (yes, even the villains), but to turn them into a simple yet appetizingly edible form that is also recognizable as its original character takes a lot of creativity and skill, in our opinion, so kudos to the designers of the cakes!

The nine cake set is priced at 2,000 yen (US$18.28) and comes in a beautiful original box, as shown in the picture above. From what we can see, the cakes certainly look like they’ll make delightful desserts for Halloween get-togethers!

If you’re in the mood for something sweet but a little more substantial than the mini-cakes, Cozy Corner is also offering two more special Halloween Disney desserts.

▼This is the Ghost Pumpkin Baked Pudding (Obake no Kabocha Pudding), priced at 350 yen ($3.20). Not only is the jacko‘-lantern container adorable, the crème anglaise and whipped cream should compliment the mild sweetness of the pumping pudding very well. sub3



▼And here’s the Pumpkin Tart (2,000 yen [$18.28]) that comes topped with plenty of cut pumpkin pieces. The texture of the cut pumpkin should contrast well with the smooth cream underneath. sub2

So, if you’re celebrating Halloween in Japan, these desserts could just be the perfect way to add a little fantasy to your Halloween party. And come time for trick or treating, we certainly won’t be tempted to provide any trickery if we’re given treats like these!

Source: PR Times press release (Japanese), Cozy Corner website (Japanese) via Entabe (Japanese) 
Photos: PR Times press release