First-ever collaboration comes with a special field guide for customers. 

In Japan, long-established confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner is especially well known for its cute palm-sized cakes, which come in boxed sets that often pay homage to famous Disney characters.

▼ This time, though, there’s a new franchise coming to the chain’s boxed petit cake selection — Pokémon!

The above image is more than just a promotional poster for the new nine-piece collection — it also appears on the boxed packaging, showing the featured characters in the same arrangement as they’re served in the box.

From left to right, top to bottom, we have:

  • Bulbasaur — Yoghurt-flavoured whipped cream roll cake with muscat jelly
  • Gengar — Peach and grape-flavoured jelly
  • Charizard — Mango whipped cream cake
  • Metamon — Blueberry whipped cream tart with blueberry jam
  • Pikachu — Banana whipped cream cake with crackling candy
  • Piplup — Soda-flavoured Mousse Cake
  • Psyduck — Lemon tea whipped cream cake
  • Jigglypuff — Strawberry pudding-flavored whipped cream tart with strawberry jam
  • Eevee — Chocolate and Caramel Whipped Cream Tart

To mark this first-ever collaboration with Pokémon, Ginza Cozy Corner will be giving each person who purchases a cake set a special cut-out leaflet.

▼ Follow the instructions near the bottom left and you’ll be able to create your very own field guide to the collection!

It’s a set that’ll bring smiles to Pokémon fans of all ages, and its 21 April release date is perfectly timed for the annual Golden week holidays, a string of public holidays that runs from 29 April to 5 May this year, and includes Children’s Day.

Anticipating a sell-out response to the collection, Ginza Cozy Corner is advising fans to make reservations online or in-store prior to visiting. Reservations are currently being accepted online until 26 Friday, however the end date for in-store reservations will vary depending on the store.

The cake sets will be on sale until 31 May, priced at 2,916 yen (US$22.01).

Source, images: PR Times
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